English Sparkling Wines

English sparkling wines are gaining world renown. Chalky limestone terroir and a climate akin to that of Champagne a century ago is producing superior quality sparkling wines which are winning top honours on the world stage.

You will find the majority of English sparkling wines are made in the same way as Champagne, using the méthode traditionnelle. This involves a secondary bottle fermentation which imparts the tiny bubbles, character and aromas synonymous with quality sparkling wines. There are several cheaper methods of producing sparkling wines, but as you’d expect the final product is usually inferior.

In recent years there has been much discussion on the naming of English sparkling wine. The French have Champagne, the Spanish, Cava and the Italians, Prosecco. Two front runners have emerged, Britagne (pronounced brittania) and Merret in honour of the English scientist Dr Christopher Merret who has some claim to having helped invent champagne. Whatever is decided, one thing is for sure, it will still be English sparkling wine and it will still be delicious.

If you’re going to celebrate, why not celebrate in style and buy some English sparkling wine today.


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