About English Wine

In 2009 there were nearly 400 vineyards in the United Kingdom producing just over 3 million bottles of wine.

Today many English Vineyards are producing White, Red, Rosé and Sparkling wines which compete with the best from around the world. English sparkling wine has proved to be the real success story. In recent years it has beaten off stiff competition from the best Champagnes and other sparkling wines in competition.

So why then, have so few of us tasted English wine?

The answer to this question is not an easy one, but falls into two basic categories; lack of public knowledge and the huge influx of cheap, mass produced wine, from around the world.

Unfortunately, there is still confusion regarding nomenclature. If you have ever tasted British Wine you will have been drinking wine brewed in the United Kingdom from grape juice or concentrate. This could have been imported from anywhere around the world. Home brew on a massive scale if you like. These wines are typically medium to sweet with a high alcohol content and are not dissimilar to sherry.

So put simply; English Wine is wine, made in English Wineries from grapes grown in English Vineyards. It is a truly artisan product, which although has been on these shores since Roman times is enjoying a renaissance due to changing climate, new hybrid vines and the increased use of science during growth and fermentation. This rebirth is throwing up new vineyards every year, with virgin growers who are not constricted by the traditional methods of the "old world". As a result, new wines are arriving which offer, in many cases, something quite unique. Is it good wine? Well, all countries produce good and bad wines.What it most definitely is; is English wine.

Beauty is in the palate of the beholder.