About Great English Wines

Great English Wines was born from a passion that everything English wine has to offer.

In 2008  James Cundle decided it was time to explore his passion in a subject in which, at the time, he knew very little about. Having spent the majority of his life involved in IT, he decided that dreaming of vineyards and the great outdoors had gone on long enough and signed up to a wine production course at Plumpton College in West Sussex, England.

Over the next three years he undertook vintages in the UK which included some of the most prestigious and respected wineries in the country, and learnt his vocation lay in the winery and the art of wine production. Graduating with a first class honours degree in 2011 with a Viticulture and Oenology BSC, he was invited to undertake a laboratory internship in one of the most respected custom crush facilities in the premium Napa Valley region of California. On his return home in 2012, he continued his interest in wine production through the creation of some innovative and unique vineyard management software.

In 2015, the opportunity arose to acquire the business and website of Great English Wines. Having been a supporter of English wine from the beginning, James felt it was the ideal opportunity to support and promote the outstanding quality of wines now being produced in the UK. The investment in both finance and education in the English wine industry continues to see an explosive growth in both quality and choice for the consumer, and never in the history of English wine has their been a more exciting time to be involved. Great English Wine has been put together to celebrate that achievement, from beating Champagne in international blind tastings, to recognising the extraordinary wine making talent that can be found in wineries across the country.

We hope you share our excitement and passion in this rapidly growing area of the wine industry.

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